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Query:                   What is IRT?

Reply:                   The Institute of Rail Transport (India) is a technical body under the auspices of Ministry of Railways to serves as a repository of ideas and thoughts on maters of transport. As an association the Institute focuses on issues of topical interest impinging on development and modernization of transport systems. By imparting knowledge on railways and other modes of transport like road, reverine, sea and air. The Institute strive for proficiency and excellence in our Endeavour for extension, promotion and enrichment of knowledge in partnership with one and all concerned with quality as the watchword. IRT also gives attention to the advance made in telecommunication, computer and other allied technologies to establish interface with the transport technology so as to synergies the inputs available for an efficient and comprehensive system of transport.

Query:                   When and where was IRT set up?

Reply:                     The Institute was incorporated in 1964 with its Headquarters at Rail Bhavan, New Delhi and Diploma courses were recognized by Ministry of Railways in the Year 1977, and also the Institute was recognized by Distance Education , Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), New Delhi from 21st, May, 2008.

Query:                   What are the main objectives of IRT and how they are achieved?

Reply:                    The main aim of the Institute is to promote and foster the study of the science and art of various transport system and management with specific focus on rail transport. To extend, increase and disseminate knowledge and exchange of ideas pertaining to transport infrastructure and its development and to provide a forum for discourse and explore new paradigms and perspective on transport technology and other disciplines.

Query:                   How is the Institution administered?

Reply:                   The Institute is managed by a Governing Council consisting of 35 members which works under the overall guidance of President, who is Chairman Railway Board is the Ex-Officio President,

Two members of the Railway Board its Vice Presidents, Senior Officers of the Railway Board its Secretary, Joint Secretary and Treasurer.

The Governing Council also has three Past Presidents. Other members of the Governing Council consist of General Managers of the Zonal Railways, Production Units, DG/RDSO, Directors of Indian Railway Institutes, and other retired / serving Senior Railway Officers.

The Council members are elected once in two years at the Annual General Meeting held normally during December every year.

The activities of Institution are spread over Indian Railways and there are 16 Zonal Branches with their jurisdiction over the respective Zonal Railways and production units. General Managers of the zones are the Chairman and a zonal secretary, who is nominated by the Chairman of Zonal Centre.

Query:                   I want some information about your Diploma Courses

 Reply:                  The Institute has organized the following four diploma courses through distance education covering four important segments of transport science

(i)                  Transport Economics and Management (TEM)

(ii)                Multi-Modal Transport (Containerization)&Logistics Management (MMT)

(iii)               Rail Transport and Management (RTM)

(iv)              Port Development and Management (PDM)

Query:                   Is it job oriented?

Reply:                   No. It is to disseminate knowledge in the field of transport. It is an additional qualification for obtaining a job in Railways as well as Public Sector Undertakings and private units associated with it and for promotions in the organization


Query:                    Who can apply for this?

Reply:                     It is open for fresh graduate from University desiring specialization in the field and serving railway and non-Railway persons.

Query:                    What will be the fee for the whole course?

Reply:                    The fee for each of the three courses viz Transport Economics & Management,  Rail Transport & Management and Multi-Modal Transport (Containerization) & Logistics Management are Rs.4000/-. 

Query:                   Will I have to pay separately for study material, examination fee?

Reply:                    No. Fees paid at the time of admission are inclusive of examination fee, study material and Contact Classes.

Query:                   Do you conduct classes for Coaching?

Reply:                   Yes, Contact Classes are arranged at all the examination centres viz. Chennai, Delhi, Lucknow, Kolkata, Guwahati, Bhuwaneshwar, Secunderabad and Mumbai. These are not compulsory.

Query:                   I am an Intermediate/Senior Secondary (Plus 2) with Science. Could I join the course?

Reply:                   No, it may be clarified that the requisite qualifications for admission of Railway men as well as outsiders are:

Non-railway men should possess either of these qualifications:

(a)                Candidates having a Diploma in any Engineering Discipline from any Polytechnic/Institute duly recognized by Central/State or Union Territory Governments.

(b)               Candidates having a Bachelor’s Degree in any subject from any University/Institute duly recognized by Central/State or Union Territory Governments.

For Railway men:

Either of the  qualifications as indicated above under (a) and (b) for non-railway men and also

(i)     High School/SSC or equivalent qualifications with minimum three years experience in Railways 

Query:                   I got admission to Diploma in TEM / MMT Course last year, but could not appear in the examination. Could I continue the studies in the current year?

Reply:                     You can apply for supplementary Examination by paying a fee of Rs.700/-

Query:                   I want to have full knowledge about syllabus and other aspects of the course.

Reply:                     For this purpose you will have to buy a Prospectus in next academic session at the cost of Rs.100/- which is available at our office address by paying cash or sending a bank draft of equal amount and a self addressed envelop with stamps of Rs.15/- affixed on it.

Query:                   How is Study Material sent by your Office?

Reply:                    By Registered parcel.

Query:                   What are the benefits enshrined in obtaining Diploma Certificate from IRT?

Reply:                    All the Diploma courses awarded by IRT are recognized by Ministry of Railways. Benefits are different for Railway and Non-Railway men.

For Non-railway Persons:

Diploma Courses awarded by IRT is prescribed as a additional desirable qualification for recruitment to posts (Category ‘C’) in several Departments.

For Railway Persons:

It will be an additional qualification for promotion to all selection posts for Railways employee in Group ‘C’ category of Departments.

Query:                   When and in which month of the year the final examination take place?

Reply:                    Examination of TEM, MMT, RTM and PDM are fixed normally in the month of February, April and May respectively every year.        

Query:                   When and in which month of the year the final examination take place?

Reply:                    Examination of RTM is fixed normally in the month of May respectively every year.


Query:                   Who can apply for this?

Reply:                    It is open for fresh graduate from University desiring specialization in the field and serving railway and non-Railway persons.

Query:                   What will be the fee for the whole course?

Reply:                    The fee for this course is Rs.6000/-for two years. 

Query:                   Do you conduct classes for Coaching?

Reply:                    No, Contact Classes are not arranged for this course.

Query:                   What are the type of Memberships of IRT?

Reply:                    The membership of the Institution comprises of the following Five categories viz.

1.                      Founder Member                                2.            Fellows

3.               Life Members                                    4.            Life Associates

5.               Institutional Member 

Once selected as Members (in any of Category) they are entitled to affix the following degree after their names.






Founder Member








Life Member




Life Associate Members



The Institutional members have to pay one time fees of Rs.1,00,000/-. The members are entitled to get free copy of the Institute Journal called RAIL TRANSPORT JOURNAL and also have the facility of attending the lecture meeting, seminars and Annual General Meeting. It is also can depute their officers/staff to attend the lecture meetings, workshop, seminars etc.

Institutional members can depute every year one students for the student for the Diploma course in Rail Transport and Management and one student for either of the Diploma Courses on Transport Economics and Management or Multi-Modal Transport (Containerization) and Logistics Management.

Application for membership of all kinds is to be made to the Secretary of the Institute in the prescribed form, which is made available in the IRT website irt-india.com

Query:                   Are there any publications of IRT?

Reply:                    Following publications are being done

  1. A Book on “Indian Railways –Silent Transformation”-written by Shri A.K. Chopra, former General Manager, Indian Railways 

  2. A Book on “Bridges, Buildings & Black Beauties of Northern Railway” -written by Shri V.N. Mathur, former Member Traffic, Railway Board.

  3. Technical Papers – on Seminar Subjects. 

  4.  Technical Journal – Quarterly Journal “Rail Transport Journal” 

  5. Souvenir for Seminars

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